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Film Festival Favorite Containment Coming to Wellfleet Public Library August 14

The award winning documentary film Containment, which examines our responsibility to future generations in the storage of our tons of radioactive waste, will be shown at 7 PM, August 14th at the Wellfleet Public Library, 55 West Main Street.


This event is free to the public, sponsored by the Pilgrim Legislative Advisory Coalition. Containment was produced with support from the National Science Foundation, National Endowment for the Humanities, Sundance Institute Documentary Film Program, LEF Foundation and the Film Study Center.


Director Dr. Peter Galison, Dr. Brian Boyle, and Pilgrim Watch Executive Director Mary Lampert will hold a Q & A session after the film.

Pilgrim is expected to cease electricity production (and splitting of atoms) by June of 2019, and the greatest concern to the Commonwealth is shifting from the risks of emissions or an accident to decommissioning and radwaste. Decommissioning could take up to 60 years, and Pilgrim's spent fuel could remain onsite for hundreds of years or more. Educate yourself by viewing this slide presentation (compliments of Pilgrim Watch and the Duxbury Nuclear Matters Committee).

Please 'sign' this petition asking the NRC to CLOSE PILGRIM. Then please forward this request to anyone that you think might also sign it.

Given the announced NRC public meeting in Plymouth (Jan. 31), the completion of their 3rd Special Inspection (report pending), the leak of a preliminary report written by the lead special inspector, the bipartisan letter to the NRC, and the planned spring refueling, getting hundreds (or thousands) of signatures is important.

Toxics Action Center petition to Governor Baker: "pressure the NRC to close Pilgrim, now, before the plant refuels in May"

Smoking gun: After a week of an NRC team of 20 inspecting Pilgrim Nuclear, an email from the team leader states: "The corrective actions in the recovery plan seem to have been hastily developed and implemented, and some have been circumvented as they were deemed too hard to complete. We are observing current indications of a safety culture problem that a bunch of talking probably won't fix." And much more! http://www.capecodtimes.com/news/20161206/nrc-email-pilgrim-plant-overwhelmed

The Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station represents a significant hazard to all of Eastern Massachusetts


This aging nuclear reactor is the same flawed design as those at Fukushima.  Due to frequent, serious safety failures, it has been downgraded by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) to where it is considered one of the worst performing nuclear reactors in the country in terms of safety.  An accidental release of radiation could occur due to equipment failure, human error, an act of terrorism, or a natural disaster, and could release a plume of radiation that would extend from Gloucester to Worcester, to Cape Cod and Providence Rhode Island, including Greater Boston. (See the map at the 'About Pilgrim' tab.) 

The potential consequences of such an event are simply too great to allow Pilgrim to continue operations.


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