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Pilgrim Legislative Advisory Coalition


2017-18 Legislation related to Pilgrim Nuclear
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Please contact the committee members and express your support for these bills.

Our Programs

  • Educating the Public

       Through a variety of methods, PLAC actively undertakes measures to educate the public about the significant risks associated with Pilgrim, as well as the health, ecological and community advantages of transitioning to truly clean energy.

  • Decommissioning Panel

       A bill was passed in the last legislative session creating a Decommissioning Panel that will have input into issues involving the decommissioning of Pilgrim.  PLAC seeks to ensure that strong advocates for nuclear safety are appointed to the Panel, including a  

representative from Cape Cod, and will work to keep the public informed of this process.


  • Working with Massachusetts Legislators 

     At this point in the legislative session, we expect several new bills having to do with Pilgrim to be filed by the end of January. Once filed, PLAC will work with Massachusestts legislators in an effort to get these bills passed and signed into law.

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