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Pilgrim's Progress

New Yorker magazine, Nov 25, 2016

Pilgrim and the nuclear waste storage crisis


Year in review: Pilgrim nuclear power station struggles, falters on road to closure

By Christine Legere / Cape Cod Times / Jan. 1, 2017
PLYMOUTH - Leaky valves, corroded supports, failed pumps, and safety gear still in use decades after its shelf life had expired all contributed to making 2016 another tough year for Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station.


'Fallout' and 'Pilgrim's Plight' a 2-part in-depth special report

By Christine Legere / Cape Cod Times / Dec. 4 & 5, 2016 
This explains the troubled history of the nuclear power industry (and why it should be a concern for all Americans) with particular attention to the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station. The web version contains considerably more information than appeared in the Cape Cod Times.


Request for independent Nuclear Inspector not Honored
Letter to Editor of Cape Cod Times by James Garb / Dec
ember 4, 2016
Dissapointing many people concerned about the safety of the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station, Governor Baker chose not to appoint an independent expert in boiling water nuclear reactors to join the NRC inspection team at Pilgrim.


Baker pressed to name independent nuclear inspector
By Christine Legere / Cape Cod Times / November 18, 2016

Critics of Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station are frustrated by the silence coming from the governor’s office concerning their request for a state-appointed nuclear engineer to accompany the federal inspection team set to take a sweeping look at the plant’s systems and staff, beginning Nov. 28.


NRC cites Pilgrim for four violations

By Christine Legere / Cape Cod Times / Nov 14, 2016

Less than two weeks from today, 20 inspectors from around the country will descend on Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station to conduct a sweeping inspection of all its systems.
If a quarterly report released Monday on recent performance is an indication, Entergy, Pilgrim’s owner-operator, may be in for a rough ride.

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